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Welcome to the Putative Father Registry

It is necessary to Apply for Search Access before you can Request a Search.

If you do not have a userid and password, you must Apply for Search Access.

It has been determined by IDCFS that the $40.00 charge will be raised to $75.00 for all non-IDCFS PFR searches. The Charge must be drawn from a pre-paid account on the PFR system. Payments to the pre-paid account for the PFR to drawn from can be in the form of a paper check, mailed to the PFR office or by ACH electronic withdrawal from a checking or savings account. All checks must be made out to DCFS, but mailed to the PFR. The charges will be effective February 1, 2017. It will be a requirement to provide a valid e-mail address when requesting a search of the PFR.

The new charge of $75.00 will go into effect February 1st, 2017.

To avoid being charged for a PFR search for DCFS wards, it will be necessary to provide on the search request form, a valid DCFS child ID#. This will be cross matched with the current child ID list.

Now Accepting Credit Cards
We are excited to announce that you can now pay for your PFR search using a credit card through our new online invoicing platform. Payments will be processed with an additional processing fee for checks and credit cards. Card-processing systems adhere to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

If you have already applied and been granted access, you may login below.

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